Urban Jungle


A little behind the times here, but the National Geographic show I'd been working on for a year and a half finally aired.  In August, Urban Jungle aired on National Geographic Channel and Nat Geo Wild.  Production was an unbelievable ride, and I had the privilege to work with some of the finest in the business. Here's the trailer for the whole series.


The next link is a segment which I field produced in Lake Tahoe, CA.  Filming with these bears gave me a new respect for them, but also (despite the sensationalistic portrayal here) took away a lot of the fear.  They are so rarely looking for trouble and would much rather scamper away like a frightened puppy.


I'm stoked to get credits for Director of Photography, Field Producer and Associate Producer on this program.

Now its on to the next show now at Geographic, this time about mapping and big data.