American Canoe Association


Playing catch up here on posts, so here's another summer one. In July I had the pleasure of creating a short web video for the American Canoe Association covering some topics on Standup Paddleboard Safety.  We started on the Rappohannock River in Fredericksburg, VA just outside ACA HQ.  We then went to Virginia Beach to film some open water segments.  IT was a real blast to get to finally meet a lot of the people I had interacted with digitally for my years of whitewater instruction.

After we wrapped for the day, they gave us a quick lesson on the paddleboard, and despite my previous poo-poo-ing of the sport (read: Fall Down Paddleboarding) I really dug it!  After just a few minutes of instruction I was able to catch the small waves that we had that day.

I then got to edit the final cut together as well.  With the help of some ACA open ocean stock (where there are actually big waves!) we put together a piece that seems to have gotten a pretty positive response, premiering at a paddlesports convention and getting lots of hits on the ACA website.

Check it out below: