The Big Picture

BigPicture_FSG_HD_DayDateTime Another premiere come and gone!

The Big Picture with Kal Penn has kept me busy for the last year or so. Its a show that looks at about everything in the world through the lens of big data and mapping. I had the pleasure of getting to go all around the world, as well as learn some surprising things about DC.

Filming with Rafa di Zeo, the head of one of the most violent soccer gangs in the world was an interesting experience in Buenos Aires, followed by the totally delightful story in Oaxaca, Mexico about chapulines (grasshoppers).

I enjoyed working with the Higher Hopes Inc folks here in DC to learn about how neighborhood crews use social media to promote their interests, just like any other business.

I'll post more photos soon, but check out the show, every Monday for the next couple months, 9p on the National Geographic Channel! And take a spin around the slick website they produced for clips and lots of my photos!

Crime Inc Photos